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Dedicated to Smooth Closings

Titlers is proud to be known for our unique customer service process that’s helped us successfully complete countless closings and other real estate transactions. Through the use of Client Service Representatives, we offer our clients personalized, one-on-one attention while a team of legal professionals works on paperwork and all requirements for an efficient closing. As our client’s say, we make it easy!

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A Personal Approach to Real Estate Law

Client Service Representative

When you contact us, you will be greeted by one of our Client Service Representatives. They will be your guide throughout your real estate transaction. Client Service Representatives are responsible for making the legal process as easy and worry-free as possible and will provide you with all the necessary documents and follow-up after closing.

Back Office

While your Client Representative is able to offer you one-on-one attention, the Back Office is hard at work getting your transaction completed. The Back Office is made up of Closing Specialists, Law Clerks, and Lawyers who are focused on completing the necessary steps to complete your transaction.

We are a Team!

The Client Service Representatives and the Back Office team work together to ensure your transaction closes as quickly and smoothly as possible. We are a team dedicated to our clients and to providing exceptional service. Together, we’ll keep you informed and updated throughout your transaction.

Selling Your Home in Durham Region: What To Expect 

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There are certainly economic benefits to private sales, but investing in a good real estate lawyer is essential to realize them. 

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What Does an Ontario Real Estate Lawyer Do?

With experience in all aspects of a home sale and purchase process, a real estate lawyer’s role in Ontario is to protect your rights as either the buyer, seller or in mortgage transactions as borrower or lender.

Real Estate Legal Fees in the GTA

When purchasing a home in Ontario, the real estate legal fees can range; however, there are a few key indicators you should always look out for when choosing representation. We understand–you’re already making one of the largest purchases of your life, do you really...

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While it comes as no surprise - buying a home is a major financial responsibility and you may not have considered the additional expenses–known as closing costs–that can impact your offer, the size of your downpayment and the mortgage you qualify for.  Buying a new...

Personalized Services Since 1975

Titlers Professional Corporation is proud to offer personalized services for clients throughout Ontario. From affordable title insurance policies to prompt and smooth real estate closings, our Client Service Representatives are here to help. We want to give you and your closing the personal attention it deserves. Call us today or fill out the simple contact form below to learn more about what we have to offer!